Shane Snyder & Audrey Callahan
Brief info

Had someone told me 8 years ago that I’d be embarking on this journey of lifetime with the love of my life, my cat and financially supported doing the things I love I would be speechless because our beginnings were, well…let’s just say they were “rough”.

Near the end of 2009, in the middle of the recession, my husband and I both lost our jobs one month apart from each other and were scammed by a loan re-modification company for the remainder of our savings which was the kicker for our brand new house to go into foreclosure.

Due to medical issues, Shane struggled to find a new job and I bounced from job to job looking for something suitable enough to pay the bills while I juggled my fulltime school workload. Fast forward a few months later and not only is there is no money to speak of, but now our bank overdraft fees are piling up. We didn’t just have NO money. We had NEGATIVE money…..

Needless to say, times were not “good”…or were they?

On January 1st 2010, I was just coming home from my new waitressing job. I was so close to graduating college with a degree in web and graphic design, but was struggling having to show up at this soul crushing job even one more day knowing that it was so far off of the path I knew I wanted to be on. Shane still didn’t have a new job by this point and when I walked through the door, my normally smiling/sun-shiny personality was all but gone. Our situation was taking a toll on me and it was starting to affect me greatly.

A lot of stress and high emotion had been experienced in the last year with everything that was going on. Besides the fact that our whole world was crumbling around us, we were miserable because we knew weren’t living anything close to the life we knew we wanted.

As I was sharing the story of my day being a waitress in a restaurant on the Las Vegas strip on New Year’s day (if you can even imagine), Shane interrupted me out of nowhere and said, “quit your job right now”.

Both being military brats, we were always taught to be “responsible” and to “find a new job before you quit the one you have now”, so for both of us, this idea was very hard to stomach. Regardless, we had “had it”. Enough was enough. We were so tired of doing things the “right way”, so tired of being miserable; so we decided to take the talents we knew we possessed and turn them into our fulltime income.

Home computers in hand and hardly any business experience to speak of, we stepped boldly into the entrepreneurial world and finally started living the life of freedom that we had always dreamed of. Fast forward to today and we have been creating our own income from our talents since the day we quit corporate America nearly 8 years ago.

In short, going through all of the hardship was the best thing that ever happened to us because it forced us to step into our true calling. But the most important part is this: If you feel or have felt the same in your life, that it took a lot of courage to be the “real you”, we totally get it.

We have a personal passion to help others like us step into their true selves and become prosperous at whatever it is that makes them tick.