Brief info

We’re Marc and Julie Bennett, also known as RVLove. We’ve been living, working and traveling full-time in our RV since 2014 – while exploring North America and the world. So far, we’ve traveled to 49 states – plus Canada, Mexico and Australia – all while working full-time.

As a 40-something couple, we sold our home and just about everything in it to step away from the madness of a so-called ‘normal life’ that no longer made sense to us. We bought a motorhome and hit the road to create a new life that we felt was more aligned with our own definition of success.

A Colorado native, Marc’s career ranged from construction, driving and law enforcement to IT, health and nutrition. He was disenchanted by the unhealthy and imbalanced expectations in our society, where people are driven to achieve materially, while sacrificing so much time and health. Julie grew up in Australia and ran her own marketing and communications company before moving to the USA – solo and with 2 suitcases – to start her life over in 2008, in the depths of the global financial meltdown.

In 2010, the stars aligned! We met on the dating website eHarmony and married one year later. We lived in a nice home in a nice neighborhood and drove nice cars. We had good jobs, made good money and were saving for retirement, but we also knew there was more to life than a bigger house, more stuff, and the promise of relaxing and enjoying the fruits of our labor in our ‘golden years’. We wanted to travel, share adventures and spend quality time together while we were still young and healthy. So we took the plunge and traded daily commutes, a stick-and-brick home and ‘normal life’ for remote work, a home-on-wheels and ‘the unknown’. It was a risk, but one we were willing to take.

Our blog and YouTube videos started out as a creative outlet for Julie, an extrovert, to share our journey and message with others. Little did we know there were thousands more who shared our worldview and would soon join our adventures – we found our tribe! When we left our old life and drove off in an RV, we had NO idea that the open road would literally become the launchpad for our new life-calling. This has led to Marc quitting his job so we can focus full-time on creating even more content to help others hit the road successfully too. By sharing the ups, downs and realities of RV life, we hope to inspire more people to discover a new way to truly live and thrive – and make their own path a whole lot easier.