Tom & Caitlin Morton
Brief info

We are Tom and Caitlin Morton, also known as the Mortons on the Move. We are originally from Michigan, but now our home is wherever we park it. We met in college and got married a few years after graduation – Tom in Electrical Engineering and Caitlin in Business Management. We bought a house in Michigan and both got jobs in Corporate America for a Fortune 50 company.

After several years of climbing the corporate ladder, we were feeling stuck: stuck in our house, stuck in our careers, stuck in our routine, stuck in the Michigan winters, stuck with our two weeks of vacation time each year. We knew we wanted to make a change, but we didn’t know what to or where to go. In our limited amount of time off per year we hadn’t really been able to do much of the traveling we’d always dreamed of once we were “making money.”

Back in 2013 Tom’s employer ended up going through a series of layoffs which he made through, but it piled on increase workload and stress that led to some very negative impacts on his health. That winter, we decided to getaway for a while and went to Florida for 10 glorious days. But all vacations have to come to an end: we landed back in Michigan to a 2-hour drive home in a blizzard and we were not happy. “I wish we could work remotely from wherever we wanted to be, whenever we wanted to be there,” one of us said. That’s when the idea struck: …well, wait a minute. Why couldn’t we? With the technology these days to enable connectivity from almost anywhere, could there be a way for us to combine our desire to travel, “follow the sun,” and still make a living?

We happened to drive by an RV dealership around that time on our drive home. Tom pointed at the RVs and said “Don’t people live in those?” By the time we got home, we had made the decision to live full-time in an RV and travel America. A year and a half later, after selling our house, horses, cars, toys, and most of our other belongings we departed our “normal” lives.