Nathan & Marissa Moss
Brief info

Let’s sell our house and move into a camper! These are words I never thought I would hear my husband say, much less words I would agree to, but this is a true story. Let me start from the beginning.Growing up only a few miles from each other, you would think our love story would have started much sooner. Although there were just miles between us, it was years away before we actually fell in love. God has perfect timing in his plan and that was evident.

Because basketball has always been a huge part of my life, from 2nd grade Junior Pro until hitting the college hardwood, it was only fitting we found love on the basketball court. After years of playing basketball together at our local church and casually talking between pews after service, we finally began a friendship that soon became clear to us both that was meant for a lifetime. After 3 years of dating, we made a promise to make that friendship a lifetime commitment and we began our journey as husband and wife. Little did we know that journey would be a literal “journey”.

After much prayer and tears, 2 years later we were blessed with an amazing daughter Hensley and our lives changed forever. Following her arrival, it sparked an interest in us as parents to have a life of Less Junk and More Journey. We decided to sell our house, most of our stuff, and move into a camper to travel the country to live a more simple life full of freedom and family time. It was a crazy and scary transition moving from a house to a camper with a little one, but after two years of living full time in an RV, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We decided we would rather regret a decision we made, rather than regret one we did not make out of fear. So we took a chance and went for it!

We are having a blast creating amazing memories and spending a generous amount of family time together while traveling our beautiful country in our home on wheels. In the process, we decided to start filming our lives and created a Youtube channel in hopes of being helpful, encouraging, and inspirational to others who also want to live a life of “Less Junk, More Journey”. So that is what we named our channel and we love sharing our story through video. We are living a life of simplicity, adventure, and no regrets.