John & Laura Hebard
Brief info

Chris and G travels introduced us to the idea of full time RVing though their YouTube channel in early 2016. We can’t thank them enough for opening our eyes. The idea sounded amazing to us, especially because our lives had been boring and stagnant for years. We were working to pay rent, so that we’d have someplace to sleep, so that we could go back to work, and were damned sick of it. Laura was working a job she couldn’t stand with a schedule from hell, and John was looking at an upcoming career in law enforcement.

Our marriage had been under strain for a while, and a rotating law enforcement schedule would have only made the problems exponentially worse. After a few weeks of discussion weighing our finances we decided to go for it!

We knew that our landlord was wanting to sell that summer so we dove into research head first. Laura was working a full time overnight shift, and John was a full-time student with a part time job. So, there were a lot of sleepless nights watching YouTube, reading blogs, and searching forums. Research was split with Laura focusing on the RV and John took the truck, he was working as a mechanic after all. We decided to get the truck first, you can’t really take an RV home without it. John decided on a 2011, or newer, one ton dually because of their towing capacity. He wanted a truck that would be able to pull anything, just in case they found a screaming deal on a 15,000lbs+ camper.

After several failed attempts at buying one we could afford out of state, a 2014 3500 Silverado dually across town fell into our laps one night. Laura decided on a fifth wheel due to the price, square footage, and quality. Around the time we found the truck Laura finished compiling a very short list of fifth wheels that were rated for full time living, had a four seasons insulation package, were rated highly, didn’t have a corner shower, didn’t have a dinette, and had a few other must haves’. We couldn’t afford a new one so John called around to local dealers looking for anything used on that list. When he called Camping World they happened to have a previous year’s model still sitting on their lot, and they wanted it gone so they could bring in a newer model. It was a 2016 Forest River Cedar Creek 36CKTS. To incentivize a sale, they had marked it down about $33,000, which just happened to drop it right into our price range.