Robert & Jessica Meinhofer
Brief info

Robert and Jessica Meinhofer have been happily married for 14 years after a 5 year non-courtship where Robert emphatically and repeatedly assured Jessica that he’d never marry her. She’s a determined woman. Two children, Daniel (8) and Nadia (5), are homeschooled and sometimes have mixed feelings about RV Life – mostly about how they don’t like the long drives of travel days. Jessica works full time remotely as a government contractor, and Robert works part-year in the airline industry. A 23 year veteran of the ups and downs in aviation, it is like a disease you just can’t, or don’t want to shake. Living full time in an RV has given them the opportunity to break free from the tedium and repetition of suburbia, and they’ve never drank more coffee in their lives. Robert dreams of one day owning a coffee brewing and roasting empire – from the inside of an Airstream Travel Trailer.