Brief info

We are Kyle and Olivia Brady, also known as Drivin’ and Vibin’ on social media. Two years ago we embarked on a journey to live minimally and deliberately and we haven’t looked back since. We gave away all our stuff, left our service industry jobs and set out into the unknown. Each day is an adventure and we are continually learning and growing in ways we never imagined.

We’ve been together for 5 years and after spending two of those traveling in a 16ft travel trailer, we knew there wasn’t any obstacle we couldn’t handle. We got married in May of 2017, and started the next chapter of this grand adventure.

We are self employed and run an Etsy shop called The Wooden Earth. We sell antique maps, prints and other curiosities we find along our travels.

We also have a travel blog and Youtube channel where we share our experiences from life on the road. We want to share our story with others considering this lifestyle and help answer any questions they may have. There were so many unknowns when we were considering this lifestyle and we couldn’t always find answers to those questions, we hoped to become a resource for others to find information and support.

Music is a big part of our lives and we just released our first album of songs inspired by life on the road. The album is titled “Among the Giants” after the majestic Redwood forests. Kyle was a full time musician before we hit the road, playing 200 gigs a year. He has many years of experience and helped me to find my voice for the first time. We have found a well of inspiration from our experiences and plan to continue writing and recording along the way.

Our Rig: We live and travel in a 1985 Fiber Stream travel trailer. It’s only 16ft, but it has a lot of character. These molded fiberglass campers were only made between 1975 – 1986 by a mom and pop shop in Southern California. We found ours for a steal and fell in love with it immediately. We spent every free moment leading up to our departure date, renovating and customizing our new home on wheels.

When we started looking for a travel trailer we didn’t have a ton of money saved up. We already had a Ford Ranger in good condition, and couldn’t afford a new truck and trailer, so we set the criteria for our new home to be small and light.

Our plan was and is to make the most of what we’ve got and live beneath our means. This lifestyle was about freedom to us, so starting our with debt was not the route we wanted to go.

Folks think we’re crazy and that we must fight all the time, being in such close quarters, but we love our cozy little space. It suits us well and we’re able to camp in some remote locations big rigs can’t get to, our repairs are inexpensive and easy and the low upkeep allows us to afford a life of travel we never could have obtained when we were stationary.