Brief info

After serving 20 years in the US Air Force, we knew we needed to keep moving and experience this beautiful country more fully. We’re currently traveling full time in our Heartland Cyclone (pulled by our Chevy Silverado HD) with our pretty kitty, Callie. We are enjoying our version of slow travel, where we take the time to enjoy the local area beyond the typical tourist attractions. We are currently touring the Southeast and will spend the rest of 2017 exploring Florida.

We choose Florida this year because we were stationed there twice during our military careers in Fort Walton Beach and Tampa. Unfortunately, as often happens, we didn’t experience nearly as much as we wanted. Our lives were focused on the day to day activities of life—work, school, and extracurricular with three busy boys. Now the boys are grown, and we are taking our time to see everything we missed! We’re starting on the Atlantic side of the state, traveling down the coast and into the Keys. Then we will make our way west to the Gulf of Mexico side and travel up the coast, and around the panhandle. We also realize in case of hurricanes, we may have to make adjustments, but that’s the beauty of RV travel. Have wheels, can move!

We aren’t retired or on permanent vacation. We’re working and living on the road. Initially upon retiring from the Air Force, we both pursued professional careers. We have been fortunate enough to continue them remotely. Sean, a Doctor in Health Science, is a Medical Research Study Manager, and Julie is a Content Manager. Because we still essentially have 9-5 jobs, we like to stay in locations a little longer to allow ourselves the time to explore the local area. We typically stay in place for 2 to 4 weeks, and only move a few hours’ drive before stopping at the next place.