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RV Nomads is a feature-length film being written and produced as a story utilizing a hybrid cinematic theme. The theme leans heavily on documentary style story-telling format with deep integration of a more mainstream partially scripted movie.

Partially scripted in that the film’s story arc follows a core foundational narrative that provides a complete and total overview of the full time RV movement. The documentary side of the story is unscripted and depicts the day-to-day perspective of those actively living the life of a full time digital RV nomad.

The film is tentatively slated for a run time of between 110 and 130 minutes. It will premiere in Wellington, TX during NomadFEST 2018.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. Click the topic you wish to read about and more information will expand into view.

RV Nomads is a film project with all rights owned by Nomadic Life Media, LLC. All production is run through Nomadic Life Films and Nomadic Life Media, LLC with post production managed by Square House Creative.

In November of 2018 the film rights will be transferred to EPIC Nomad LLC and EPIC Nomad TV. ENTV will house the film on a content delivery network for web based media distribution.

EPIC Nomad TV manages media relations, development operations, communications, programming and overall messaging for the film and related content projects.


Eric Odom – Director of Programming

Julie Bennett – Director of Communications & Public Relations

Marc Bennett – Director of Operations

Tom Morton – Director of Cinematography

John Hebard – Production Manager

Caitlin Morton – Director of Events

Laura Hebard – Social Media Director

The ENTV platform is a custom built content delivery system that utilizes distribution points such as Roku, Firestick, iOS, Android and other applications for end-user media consumption. This includes our own custom web application that empowers users to stream high definition video to their devices on demand.

RV Nomads will be distributed for free via the ENTV platform.

RV Nomads is an independent film with initial private funding of approximately $40,000 to get the project up and running. The film will require an additional $75,000 to cover production and marketing costs, all of which is coming via partnerships within the recreational vehicle related industry.

The films total budget is not expected to exceed $125,000.


The cast of the RV Nomads film consists of many of the most familiar names in the full time RV community. Our cast has significant reach in social media and when combined has reached more than 20,000,000 views on YouTube alone. Not only is the cast incredibly influential, they also have extremely entertaining and diverse stories to tell as it relates to full time life on the move.

Most cast members are available for media interviews. Contact Julie Bennett at to schedule interviews.


RVBusiness recently featured a story analyzing the coming RV Nomads motion picture. The article is a great source for gaining a decent understanding of the project, the people behind it and the overall objectives of the film.

Click here to read the full story.


RV Nomads is being filmed in RAW 2,600K high definition via a combination of two camera types.

  • Black Magic Cinema Cameras (Both standard BMC and Ursa)
  • Canon 80D DSLRs

Prime lenses being used are Rokinon Cinema lenses.

Audio engineering will utilize:

  • Rode NTG-3 Precision Broadcast Mics
  • Sony Professional Grade Lapel Mics
  •  Tascam DR-701D For Audio Capturing