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When Passion, Dedication & Grit Are In Charge… Mountains Can Be Moved

This past week has been an extraordinary test of mental fortitude for our team here at EPIC Nomad TV. We sort of threw ourselves at a massive project that wasn’t originally planned and that, quite frankly, we don’t really have time to deal with. But deal with it we have and in a big way.

Production Blog – 30 Days Out From Making a Movie About Full Time RVing

We’re now 30 days out from the start of full production for RV Nomads – The Movie. We’ve been very busy for the past six months, but yesterday marked the beginning of a completely different level of workload. Up until this point our efforts have been about planning, a legal framework, working on logistics, branding,

BIG Movie Update – RV Nomads Production About To Begin

Fellow Nomads, My name is Eric Odom and I work as President of Programming here at ENTV. The position provides me the honor to oversee all content being developed under the ENTV umbrella. As many of you know our anchor project this year is the co-creation of RV Nomads – The Movie (Co-Created with Nomadic

Full Time RVer and YouTuber Jesse Ingram Tapped As Lead Cinematographer For RV Nomads Feature Film

(Wellington, TX) – Nomadic Life Films and EPIC Nomad TV today announced a powerful addition to its production unit with full time RVer and YouTuber Jesse Ingram taking on the role of Lead Cinematographer for the RV Nomads feature length film. Ingram, an Air Force and Army Corps’ veteran, will work with Film Director Tom

Let The Streaming Begin

There are certainly many challenges involved in the process of developing a custom built sophisticated content delivery network. You know what components you’re going to have to have in place. You know what each of these components must accomplish. But the unknown variable is creating synergies between them all so they play well together in

A Social Network For Nomads

At the heart of our platform is and will always be the stories. The compelling and powerful stories of nomads as they traverse their way through life on their own terms. On paths they created, then dictated. The platform is designed to fuel the streaming of content in forward thinking ways. Ways that are user-friendly,

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