NomadFEST & World Premiere of ‘RV Nomads’ Movie Sold Out – 500+ RVers Expected


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(WELLINGTON, TX) – NomadFEST, an event created by Nomadic Life Films and organized by EPIC Nomad TV to host the world premiere of RV Nomads – The Movie, a content creators summit, film festival and a plethora of additional events for full-time nomads, has officially sold out of the 400 tickets available for the premium first showing of the film. The event will take place in Wellington, Texas from October 18th to the 22nd.

The level of enthusiasm shown in the film and Nomadfest has surpassed even the organizers’ expectations. They believe it is reflective of the groundswell taking place in the RV movement combined with the immense popularity of the RV influencers cast to appear in the movie.

“It’s amazing that we’ve sold out more than five months in advance for an event that is the first of its kind, for a movie that has barely started production,” said Caitlin Morton, the event’s Director. “It just shows you how much excitement there is for this project, and how much interest there is in the Nomadic and RV Lifestyle. It also shows how incredibly supportive and tight-knit our RV community is. We are humbled and incredibly motivated by it to make this movie and event the best they can be!”

What makes this news even more shocking is the fact that NomadFEST is being hosted in Wellington, Texas, a small panhandle town of 2,000 residents. Wellington is a farming community that can only be found by venturing far from any major interstate, highly populated urban area or large city. At first glance the town appears to be the last place anyone would consider for such a large event. Yet organizers are finding it a perfect fit for nomads looking to get off the beaten path with an agenda of exploring the local life.

NomadFEST begins October 18th and ends October 22nd. It will host the world premiere of the feature length film titled RV Nomads, a movie documenting the epic lives of those living fulltime in recreational vehicles. The cast includes some of the most influential full-time nomad YouTubers and bloggers found online today. These include Less Junk < More Journey, RV Love, Mortons On The Move, Drivin’ and Vibin’, Exploring The Local Life, Hebard’s Travels, Pau Hana Travels, Chickery’s Travels, RVChickadee, More Than A Wheelin’, Always On Liberty, Audrey Callahan and Outside Is Calling.

NomadFEST and its highly unusual ability to sell out an inaugural event will likely put Wellington on the map. Due to the rapid embrace, organizers have responded with new arrangements to extend the event and its premiere, with expected attendance to exceed 500 RVers by the time the event rolls into town. A reality not lost on city officials.

The city has extended a big welcome mat for the event and its attendees. NomadFEST campers will be staying at the Fairgrounds in Wellington while the premiere and related events will be held at the historic Ritz Theater. City officials are working with organizers to ensure the event goes smoothly and have made many resources available to help make it a success.

While all general admission and VIP tickets are now sold out, an overflow camping field is being made available to accommodate additional guests for a second screening of the film. Organizers now expect over 500 RVers to attend the four day event.

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Staying True To Our Cause – RV Nomads Production Keeps Business Within RV Community

It’s been nearly a year since planning began for RV Nomads – The Movie. And in just three weeks the main production period will commence with a long slate of YouTubers and Bloggers set to film the core story of the film.

One of our pledges from the beginning was to keep as much of our production spending as possible within the RV community. Our entire production crew, for example, consists of full time RVers. Our crew includes Tom Morton from Mortons On The Move, Jess Ingram from Outside Is Calling, Justin and Stacy Ford from Opting Out Of Normal, Shane Snyder, Audrey Callahan, John Hebard from Hebard’s Travels and Stacey Quimby from Pau Hana Travels.

Our latest full time RVing vendor to join the team is Hal Khalaf of OTR Print Services. Hal is a full time RVer who owns and operates a printing company in Arizona. His shop offers a huge selection of print services and will supply our premiere event (NomadFEST) with backdrops, banners, stickers, magnets, business cards, vehicle graphics, window graphics and more.

Hal not only gets the lifestyle… he lives it. His company has been a charm to work with and we’re spending thousands of dollars with him to supply our event with all printing needs later this year.

This move has been a great fit for us. We keep our dollars within the RV community, we got a great deal on all of our printing requirements and he’s been absolutely fantastic throughout this process. Customer support and service has been second to none.

OTR is not paying for this post nor did Hal ask us to write it. We just believe in keeping our money within the RV Nomad community and any love we can send out to fellow RVers is an opportunity to help the entire community grow.

If you have any printing needs, be it vehicle graphics or larger printing needs, give OTR Print Services a ring. You won’t regret it.

Five star experience.

BIG Movie Update – RV Nomads Production About To Begin

Fellow Nomads,

My name is Eric Odom and I work as President of Programming here at ENTV. The position provides me the honor to oversee all content being developed under the ENTV umbrella. As many of you know our anchor project this year is the co-creation of RV Nomads – The Movie (Co-Created with Nomadic Life Films). The project has now been in the works for nearly a year and while it’s already growing (always has been) it’s about to be injected with rocket fuel.

Things are going speed up and fast. The game is about to be stepped up in an EPIC way.

With this being the case, and based on a lot of questions coming through via email, we decided it’s time to provide some significant updates for those tracking the project. Hopefully this post can accomplish this and bring you all up to speed. I’ll list some of the most important updates below and if you have questions please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.


We enter into the full/core physical production phase in May of 2018. Our cast will be on location together with production crews as we film the story across the space of about a month. We anticipate using about a five to six week period total to capture all the shots/scenes needed for the film. Four of which are dedicated to the cast and two more set aside for B-roll production.

We’re currently wrapping up pre-production (finishing the story, testing gear, preparing our style/theme sets, working on scores, organizing production logistics, making sure our production insurance ducks are in a row and finalizing any legal requirements for the production phase). We plan on having pre-production finished by May 1st, at which time we’ll begin a two week period of production crew meetings, production testing and some early shoots designed to fill some critical narrative anchors in the film (Much of the film is being produced around these scenes so they will serve as a foundation in narrative and style).

We begin production with our cast on May 16th. It will be a month of very long days, extremely hard work and very little sleep. Because our cast is mostly made up of YouTubers and Bloggers, we’re guessing you’ll all get front row seats for production through their channels and blogs. Keep an eye on their updates during this period to track production progress.

++ You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for behind-the-scenes updates throughout the production process.

On the post-production side we’re planning for between 350 to 400 hours of editing. This in edition to voiceover and audio work.

Speaking of audio, and you’re hearing this here first (Official announcement has not yet been made), Audrey Callahan will serve as the voice-over artist and Lead Audio Engineer for the film (With Shane Snyder). We’re extremely excited to be working with Shane and Audrey on this project. The couple are full time RV Nomads and travel with a music studio as a part of their RV Life.

Our goal is to have a first cut ready by mid-September with a final cut in by October 1st at the latest. This will give us a week or two for any additional tweaks before having the final file ready for NomadFEST 2018 (The Premiere).

It’s an incredibly tough timeline with a lot of challenges. But we’ve built an amazing team and feel very confident we’ll get it all done with the high standards of expectations we’ve set for ourselves.


We have a wide range of tools at our fingertips and listing them all would be a daunting task. But, we can certainly provide a list of some basics for you here.


  • Black Magic Cinema Camera
  • Sony FS5
  • Lumix GH4 4K
  • Canon 80D
  • DJI X5


  • Rokinon Cinema Lenses (24, 35, 50 and 85)
  • Various Canon Lenses
  • Sony 18-105mm f/4
  • Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm F1.8


  • DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Gimbal
  • DJI Osmo 3-Axis Gimbal
  • DVM Motorized Slider
  • Shoulder Mount Kit


  • Rode NTG-3 Precision Broadcast Grade Cardioid Shotgun Mic
  • Sony UWPD11/42 Lavalier Microphone (Multiple)
  • Rhodelink Digital Wireless Transmitter
  • Sony ECM VG1 shotgun mic
  • Various blimps & boom sticks
  • Various Tascam audio capturing devices


Too much to list


  • Apple Mac Pro
  • Davinci Resolve (Color Correction)
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Apple Motion
  • Adobe Premiere
  • After Effects
  • Adobe Audition

Plenty more and perhaps we’ll one day list everything in a new update. For now this should give you an idea of what we’re using to create the film.


We were originally scheduled to produce the film in Silverton, Colorado. Unfortunately the weather decided to throw a long and harsh winter our way, so about a month ago it was determined to move the operation to the Texas panhandle. Now most of the film’s core narrative will be captured in and around Wellington, Texas, with a lot of B-Roll and main scenes captured in the region here in the pandhandle, Colorado and New Mexico.


Get a ticket to NomadFEST 2018 to watch the premiere on the big screen at The Ritz theater here in Wellington. The online HD streaming version is tentatively scheduled for full online release the second week of November, 2018.

You’ll be able to stream the full movie for free right here at EPIC Nomad TV.

Well, these are the updates we’ve got for you today. Plenty more to follow!

As mentioned above, please feel free to leave any questions you might have in the comment section below.

Have a great day and as always… continue to Live Epicly.

Eric Odom

President of Programming – EPIC Nomad TV

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Less Junk < More Journey's Nathan and Marissa Moss to Keynote NomadFEST 2018

(WELLINGTON, TX) – Nathan, Marissa and little Hensley Moss will take the stage at NomadFEST for the final keynote slot of the epic event scheduled for late October of 2018. The event, hosted in Wellington Texas, includes a full day of panels, workshops and presentations surrounding topics related to digital nomadism, content development and marketing, life on the road as a nomad and more. Nathan and Marissa’s keynote presentation will be a highlight of the event and will cover a lot of ground through the perspective of two of YouTube’s most prominent digital nomads.

The Moss family travels in an Airstream RV, documenting their journey via their highly successful website at and their YouTube channel. The channel has surged to nearly 100,000 subscribers with the majority of their video updates being watched by more than 30,000 viewers each. Their experience in the field of digital nomadism and content creation is second to none. The keynote presentation will be informative, educational, entertaining and interactive.

“Nathan and Marissa have captivated large audiences through the honest and relatable story-telling of their adventures, incredible video editing style, and admirable devotion to family and community,” said Caitlin Morton, Event Director for NomadFEST. “We can all learn something new through their story and we look forward to having them keynote in Wellington later this year.”

NomadFEST 2018 is being billed as the biggest little RV rally in the world. Nearly 400 RVers have already registered to attend the event with total numbers expected to exceed 600 nomads converging on a town of only 2,000 residents. The event will take place in Wellington Texas from October 18th – 22nd and will feature a film festival, live music, hot air balloon rides, a BBQ cook-off, a full day digital nomad conference and the world premiere of RV Nomads – The Movie.

NomadFEST is proudly sponsored by Escapees RV Club and Xscapers.

VIP tickets are sold out and only 50 or so regular tickets remain available. Click here to register and use discount code journey for 10% off your purchase.