YouTuber & Fulltime RVer Jesse Ingram Named Director of Photography for RV Nomads Film

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RV Nomads Movie About Fulltime RV Life Continues Pledge To Build Entire Production Team Utilizing Fulltime Rvers

CONTACT: Julie Bennett

(WELLINGTON, TX)Nomadic Life Films and EPIC Nomad TV today announced the promotion of Jesse Ingram from Lead Cinematographer to Director of Photography for the RV Nomads Feature Length Film. Ingram, working under Director Tom Morton, has proven an incredibly talented member of the production crew and will help lead the project on to success for its premiere at the sold out NomadFEST event coming in October of 2018.

Ingram, a Youtuber documenting his journey at Outside is Calling, his wife Jenny and infant son Tucker will also be depicted in the film as a fulltime family with an incredible story to tell. The Ingram family joins cast members such as Less Junk < More Journey, Mortons On The Move, RV Love, Drivin’ and Vibin’, Hebard’s Travels, Chickery’s Travels, Always On Liberty, More Than A Wheelin’, RV Chickadee, Exploring The Local Life, Pau Hana Travels, GEOAstro RV and more. The RV Nomads movie will document the fulltime RV movement in a way it has never before been seen in long form film.

“We are excited and honored to have Jesse Ingram join our team as Director of Photography” said Marc Bennett, CEO of EpicNomadTV. “He comes to us from Full Sail University, where he is undertaking a bachelor’s degree in Digital Cinematography and immediately put his great skills and talents to use on our film production, joining our very talented crew.”

Ingram shortened his journey to explore and surf the waves in Baja Mexico to join the production in the Texas panhandle. He’s been an important part of the production puzzle since his arrival on set several weeks ago. His family immediately became a part of the RV Nomads tribe.

“As the Director of Photography for the RV Nomads movie, i work closely with our Director, Tom Morton” said Jesse Ingram. “As Tom shares his vision how the movie should look, it’s my job to ensure we capture that imagery in a way which matches his vision. You’ll see in Hollywood that certain directors of photography work on many projects together, once they learn one another’s styles. Tom and I have already found that symbiosis, and we are off to a great start.”

RV Nomads the movie offers a powerful glimpse into alternate forms of living and pursuing the American Dream, through the full time RV movement. The film walks viewers through a philosophical journey explaining what drives the movement, what is possible once such a life-changing decision is made and how RV Life has a profoundly positive impact on those making the switch to nomadic life via recreational vehicle.

“My wife Jenny loves to travel and we’ve had nomadic tendencies for years. RVing is a perfect way for us to travel full time while still being able to raise our son in a home. We were wintering and surfing in Mexico, but were so drawn to working on this movie that we packed up and headed to Wellington, Texas to join the RV Nomads crew,” said Ingram.  “Every single person we’ve met as part of RV Nomads have been full timers, and our lives are suddenly the norm again, since we’re all living the same way. We’ve found this lifestyle liberating and hope this movie inspires others to find their passions, to follow their dreams.”

In addition to his focus on filming the movie, Jesse captures and shares production dailies for the RV Nomads movie on his YouTube channel Outside is Calling.

“These short daily videos give a sneak peek of what’s happening on the ground over here during the filming of the RV Nomads movie” said Bennett. “The dailies have quickly become very popular, are they are giving everyone a front seat in witnessing an epic production in the making.”

RV Nomads the movie premieres in October of 2018 at the already sold-out multi-day NomadFest event in Wellington, Texas.

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