Full Time RV Nomad Marc Bennett Named CEO Of EPIC Nomad TV

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‘RV Love’ Brand Co-Founder, Popular YouTuber and Co-Creator of RV Success School Tapped To Lead Innovative New Content Network Into The Future


CONTACT: Eric Odom

(WELLINGTON, TX ) – Full time RVer, avid adventurer, popular YouTuber and nomadic influencer Marc Bennett has accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer for EPIC Nomad TV. As CEO Bennett will help navigate the new content production and distribution company into the future. ENTV is quickly becoming a well known, credible brand within the nomadic life movement. Bennett’s position as its leader moving forward is certain to compliment the company’s ambitious, disruptive vision to elevate the story of full time nomadism through extraordinary visual media.

Bennett takes the helm as production for the feature length film RV Nomads begins in Wellington Texas. The film follows the full time RV journey of influencers such as Drivin’ and Vibin’, Less Junk < More Journey, Mortons On The Move, Hebard’s Travels, Exploring The Local Life, Pau Hana Travels, RV Chickadee, Chickery’s Travels, Always On Liberty, More Than A Wheelin’, Audrey Callahan and more.

Later in 2018 EPIC Nomad TV will begin rolling out episodic programming through its own distribution platform. The custom built platform will include multiple full season shows, courses, long form content and a plethora of nomad related projects.

“I am incredibly honored to be part of such an exciting, visionary company in this growth phase where we’ve achieved so much in a very short time” said Bennett. “I’m especially grateful to be working with such an incredibly talented team of individuals who have already moved mountains to get us to where we are today.“

The RV industry is booming, with everyone from millennials to baby boomers to remote working digital nomads taking to the road in droves. RV shipments surged to record levels in 2017, exceeding 500,000 units, marking eight years of consecutive gains, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association.

“We have this perfect storm where RVing is experiencing explosive growth alongside an incredible hunger for more content and stories that inspire others and show them how they can live the RV life too” explained Bennett. “That’s where Epic Nomad TV comes in – by creating and distributing the kind of content that inspires people to challenge societal norms and change their lives for the better.”

“We’re definitely disrupting the industry. What we’re creating is something that’s never been done in this space before. We’re going to be turning a lot of heads, making a big impact and reaching hundreds of thousands of people who are fascinated by the RV movement.”

“Ultimately, it’s about being brave enough to step off the treadmill and do things differently. We’ve all done that in our own lives and now, as a collaborative and as a company, we’re doing it through Epic Nomad TV. That’s what makes this team so powerful. Every single one of us has been brave enough to break free from the norm and that gutsy, innovative spirit is a great fit for a vision like ours. It’s a huge vision, but we have the passion, talent and tenacity to pull it off.”

“I can’t wait to share with the world what we’ve created, when we premiere the RV Nomads movie and officially launch the ENTV platform in October. You can already see and feel the buzz building through social media and the MyENTV community. It’s an exciting time to be part of something that’s so groundbreaking and so needed. The timing could not be better.”

Marc Bennett comes from an operational background and was a key player during the explosive growth phase of one of the fastest growing startups in its industry. The company grew from zero to hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in under four years, with no debt or outside investment. Marc and and his wife Julie are both part of EPIC Nomad TV with Julie serving as Director of PR and Communications for the network. They live and travel in a Class A RV, document their journey via their YouTube channel ‘RV Love’ and run one of the most prominent RVing courses available today called RV Success School.

EPIC Nomad TV is a project of EPIC Nomad LLC, a new collaborative partnership between multiple nomadic influencers working together to expand visibility and reach for full time nomad content creators.