Less Junk < More Journey's Nathan and Marissa Moss to Keynote NomadFEST 2018

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(WELLINGTON, TX) – Nathan, Marissa and little Hensley Moss will take the stage at NomadFEST for the final keynote slot of the epic event scheduled for late October of 2018. The event, hosted in Wellington Texas, includes a full day of panels, workshops and presentations surrounding topics related to digital nomadism, content development and marketing, life on the road as a nomad and more. Nathan and Marissa’s keynote presentation will be a highlight of the event and will cover a lot of ground through the perspective of two of YouTube’s most prominent digital nomads.

The Moss family travels in an Airstream RV, documenting their journey via their highly successful website at and their YouTube channel. The channel has surged to nearly 100,000 subscribers with the majority of their video updates being watched by more than 30,000 viewers each. Their experience in the field of digital nomadism and content creation is second to none. The keynote presentation will be informative, educational, entertaining and interactive.

“Nathan and Marissa have captivated large audiences through the honest and relatable story-telling of their adventures, incredible video editing style, and admirable devotion to family and community,” said Caitlin Morton, Event Director for NomadFEST. “We can all learn something new through their story and we look forward to having them keynote in Wellington later this year.”

NomadFEST 2018 is being billed as the biggest little RV rally in the world. Nearly 400 RVers have already registered to attend the event with total numbers expected to exceed 600 nomads converging on a town of only 2,000 residents. The event will take place in Wellington Texas from October 18th – 22nd and will feature a film festival, live music, hot air balloon rides, a BBQ cook-off, a full day digital nomad conference and the world premiere of RV Nomads – The Movie.

NomadFEST is proudly sponsored by Escapees RV Club and Xscapers.

VIP tickets are sold out and only 50 or so regular tickets remain available. Click here to register and use discount code journey for 10% off your purchase.