RV Nomads Motion Picture Production Moves to Wellington Texas

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Texas Town of 2,000 Residents Will Host Production of

Feature Length Film Exploring The Full Time RV Movement

CONTACT: Julie Bennett – Director of PR & Communications

(Gallup, NM)EPIC Nomad TV, in collaboration with Nomadic Life Films and parent company EPIC Nomad LLC today announced finalized plans to film and produce the bulk of the RV Nomads motion picture in Wellington Texas. The move puts the city of Wellington on the map to serve as the backdrop for much of the film as well as the film premiere set for October at NomadFEST 2018.

In May of 2018 Wellington will begin buzzing with activity as full time RVing social influencers such as Less Junk < More Journey, Always On Liberty, RVLove, Hebard’s Travels, Mortons On The Move, Exploring The Local Life, Pau Hana Travels, Audrey Callahan/Shane Snyder, More Than a Wheelin’,  Drivin’ and Vibin’, Chickery’s Travels and the film crews converge in the area to film the feature length movie. The town will serve as a giant sound stage for production, providing a plethora of filming environments needed to properly tell the epic story of the full time RV movement.

“Wellington has been an amazing partner throughout this entire process and we couldn’t have found a better place to call home for production of RV Nomads,” said Producer Eric Odom. “It gets us away from the big city vibe we nomads seek to avoid and it helps us depict what the lifestyle is truly all about.”

The city of Wellington is located approximately 30 minutes south of I40’s Shamrock exit. Wellington will be the primary base of operations for production and post-production of RV Nomads, and will also host NomadFEST 2018, a massive RVer convergence where more than 500 RVers are expected to rally this October.

RV Nomads is scheduled to premiere at The Ritz Theater in Wellington during NomadFEST this fall.