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New Nomadic Content Streaming Platform Expands Horizon With Addition Of A New Episodic Program Titled Less Junk < Even More Journey


Contact: Julie Bennett

LAS VEGAS, NV – Today EPIC Nomad TV announced yet another planned large-scale content expansion, further positioning the new network as an innovative juggernaut of nomadic visual media. ENTV is developing a new episodic program with a working title of Less Junk < Even More Journey with a scheduled premiere for the first season targeting the end of 2018. 

Less Junk < Even More Journey features YouTube celebrities Nathan, Marissa and Hensley Moss as they explore the country in their Airstream. Nathan and Marissa rose to internet fame through their YouTube channel Less Junk < More Journey and are considered one of the largest full time RV channels on YouTube today. Their channel is approaching 75,000 subscribers with more than 13,000,000 views, cementing their place as an incredibly influential power couple in social media circles. They document their journey with a regular vlog that reaches tens of thousands of viewers with every new upload.

“Nathan and Marissa have mastered the art of story telling through visual media and we’re extremely excited to be working with them to tell their epic story in a lengthier format,” said Eric Odom, President of Programming for EPIC Nomad TV. “Viewers will enjoy the same family adventures they’ve come to know and love watching them on YouTube, but in our environment we’ll be able to provide a lot more perspective as to what full time nomadism via a recreational vehicle is really all about. And what it’s about for them.”

The first season of Less Junk < Even More Journey enters production in the summer of 2018. The season will be directed by Nathan Moss, produced by Eric Odom and distributed by EPIC Nomad TV. The network will feature a plethora of shows that include Exploring The Free Life (By YouTubers Exploring the Local Life), Ghost Town Nomads (YouTubers Hebard’s Travels), Big Meals, Small Kitchens (Julie Bennett of RVLove), 1st Class RV Adventures as well as its flagship project RV Nomads – The Movie.

“Being a part of ENTV means having a voice in the RV community. It means sharing our story of living with less to gain so much more in return,” said Marissa Moss. “Living a full time nomad life has changed us as a family. We no longer rush through our week only to recover on the weekends. Every day is a new adventure. We don’t have much, but what we do have helps us live a life of making memories.”

In discussing their nomadic journey Nathan Moss added that “Having a life of Less Junk and More Journey means no longer letting material things hold us back. When we buy something new, we know it comes at a price. Not just the price on the tag, but our time for research, taking care of the product, repair & maintenance, and then continuing the cycle with “what if there is a bigger and better version of this?”. Putting making memories before making purchases has recalibrated our life in a way we never thought possible. We want this same message of less junk, more journey to pour out of our lives onto the screen of anyone wondering if there is more to life than the 9 to 5. Life is short. It’s all about the journey and having no regrets!”

EPIC Nomad TV launches during NomadFEST 2018, a gathering of hundreds of RVers in Wellington Texas for the premiere of the RV Nomads movie.

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