RV Nomads Motion Picture Partners With Boondockers Welcome

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The RV Nomads Motion Picture Project Has Teamed Up With What Many Nomads View As The Uber For Boondockers


Contact: Julie Bennett

QUARTZSITE, AZ – Today Nomadic Life Films announced a new partnership between the film project and Boondockers Welcome, a service that provides a venue for RVers to connect with local people on their travels, while adding variety and options to their camping experiences. The Boondockers Welcome platform is described by many within the RVing community as an “Uber for boondockers” and is seen as a perfect fit for a film documenting the lives of full time RV Nomads.

The team behind Boondockers Welcome was enthusiastic about the new partnership and extremely supportive of the project. “It’s a great idea and the timing is right – with RV sales at record highs (and a shortage of enough campsites to accommodate them) the industry is at an important crossroads,” said Boondockers Welcome Founder Marianne Edwards. “We hope the film brings attention to the possibilities and realities of life on the road and the variety of reasons so many people in North America are choosing it.”

Edwards went on to say that “Movies often find a broader audience than a web site or youtube video. We already have some hosts who are not RVers themselves, but I’m not sure how they came across our web site the first time. Hopefully the film will introduce our service to others like them – those who want to host just for the opportunity to meet RVers and hear their stories.”

The Boondockers Welcome platform experience has been utilized by the RV Nomads crew and the team found it to be a wonderful experience. “We stayed with some amazing hosts in Texas thanks to Boondockers Welcome and were rather surprised with how unique and positive the entire experience can be,” said the film’s Producer Eric Odom. “We were made to feel at home and we did. Our hosts went out of their way to help us be comfortable, and even invited us to their home for a patio chat and viewing of a super moon in the starlit sky.”

The RV Nomads team now views Boondockers Welcome as an essential part of their travel planning resource list. The travel schedule for 2018 production of the film includes multiple stops with Boondockers Welcome hosts and organizers couldn’t be happier with the service the platform provides.

Edwards added that “Being on the road breeds kindness, generosity, and easy friendships among fellow travelers. It’s also a great equalizer – people aren’t measured by the size or cost of their RV when sitting around a campfire. These are facts that we presume the film will somehow convey. What could exemplify it better than RVers with a home base inviting travelers to visit them there – with no expectation of being paid in anything more than gratitude and a pay-it-forward spirit?”

“Many RVers see Boondockers welcome as a sort of Uber for boondockers,” said location/set director John Hebard. “It connects nomads with hosts, it provides a robust review/rating system so everyone involved has a good understanding of who they’ll be staying with or who will be staying at their home, and it generally makes the entire process as friendly as possible.”

The cast YouTube channels featured in the film include Less Junk < More Journey (67,000+ subscribers), RVLove (18,000+ subscribers), Drivin’ and Vibin’ (19,000 subscribers), Hebard’s Travels (3,500 subscribers), Audrey Callahan (2,600 subscribers) and the official RV Nomads crew with over 1,000 subscribers. The group also includes bloggers from Camp Addict, More Than A Wheelin and Always On Liberty.

The film, scheduled for premiere in October of 2018, documents the epic lifestyle of those living full time in recreational vehicles. The cast includes a wide range of backgrounds, all RVers who live and work full time on the open road. The films sponsors include Escapees RV Club, RV SnapPads, The RV Water Filter Store and is being produced by Nomadic Life Films.

The movie website is at and information about ENTV (the streaming network/platform for the film) can be found at

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