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SnapPad Joins RV Nomad Film Project As Sponsor Of Movie Depicting The True Story of The Full Time RV Movement

CONTACT: Julie Bennett

(TUCSON, AZ)RV SnapPad (Origen RV Accessories, LTD.), a brand on the leading edge of innovation in the RV industry, has joined forces with Nomadic Life Films and EPIC Nomad TV with a new partnership in support of the RV Nomads film project. SnapPad’s products are a new approach to solving some of the most common RV leveling issues. Leveling issues that a vast majority of RVers experience at some point in their travels. SnapPad’s support of the film will provide much-needed financial foundation and helps ensure the cinematic experience of the overall RV Nomads story is top notch.

“Once we heard about the RV Nomads project we knew we wanted to be involved,” said VP of Operations Devon Wilson. “Eric and the RV Nomads team will be the first to shed some light on what’s fast becoming the new American dream.”

RV SnapPad is financially supporting the film and contributed multiple sets of its flagship product for the production company’s 2018 kick-off $10,000 giveaway. The contest, currently running at, will have more than 75 winners with a wide range of prizes announced later in January as part of the film project’s marketing campaign. Five sets of RV SnapPads will be given away as part of the contest.

“We’re very excited to team up with SnapPad,” said Producer Eric Odom. “Several of our cast members already use SnapPad’s innovative leveling jack enhancements and the brand is a fantastic organic fit for our line up of industry supporters.”

RV Nomads is a feature length movie being produced with a premiere schedule targeting late October of 2018. The movie features full-time RVing YouTubers such as RVLove, Less Junk < More Journey, Exploring The Local Life, Drivin’ and Vibin’, Hebard’s Travels and Mortons On The Move. The story arc follows the cast as they venture out on the open road, living where they choose, when they choose and how they want to live. The narrative explores a cultural shift away from the traditional version of the American Dream in exchange for one focusing on minimalism, the freedom to travel at will and more personal independence while living intentionally.

RV Nomads is a joint project of EPIC Nomad TV, Nomadic Life Films and Square House Creative.

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