1st Class RV Adventures

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Sandra Crespo and Luis Angel Class of ‘1st Class RV Adventure’ Are The Latest YouTubers to Sign On With EPIC Nomad TV

CONTACT: Julie Bennett – Director of PR & Communications

(QUARTZSITE, AZ) EPIC Nomad TV today announced the signing of YouTubers ‘1st Class RV Adventures‘ to produce a full 10 episode season exclusively for the new streaming service set to debut in the summer of 2018. The signing of 1st Class RV Adventures strengthens momentum for the new network as it begins working with YouTubers Hebard’s Travels, Exploring the Local Life, RVLove, Less Junk < More Journey and several more going into 2018.

Sandra Crespo and Luis Angel Class are a full time nomad family living and traveling the USA in their fifth wheel, documenting their epic journey as they seek to “collect experiences, not junk.” The couple will join up with ENTV production crews this summer and the first episodes of season 1 are expected to be released later in the fall.

“1st Class RV Adventures means a whole lot to us specially since it has our last name hidden in there.  It means living life the way it was meant to be lived through adventure and shared adventures,” said Crespo.  “We have learned that in a sense we broke the chains of what society says is “normal” and we want to inspire those who see our brand to go live out their beautiful adventure on their terms!”

Crespo went on to explain what the full time RV Nomad life meant to their family, saying “The full time nomad life means freedom in all areas of life to us.  Freedom in when we wake up and go to bed, freedom to do what we want when we want, freedom to choose how we educate our children, freedom of environment and honestly the list can go on and on.  We chose to live this lifestyle because we were exhausted of living the way society kept saying we had to live.  We had the big house, in the beautiful city with the kids but did not truly feel fulfilled.  We love to travel and it had become more difficult because we were so tied down to our home.  When we chose to sell almost everything we owned and hit the road we were looking for more adventure and we also wanted to help our kids collect as many experiences as humanly possible.  We had learned that the first 7 years of a child’s life was super important for their future and we were determined to make their first 7 years priceless!”

ENTV Director of Programming Eric Odom has been working behind the scenes with Crespo for several months and said the network was thrilled to have the family on board. “We just missed them when signing all cast members of the RV Nomads Motion Picture but we knew we had to find a way to work with them and fast. Their story is truly epic and a lot of nomadic families will be able to relate with them in a plethora of scenarios,” said Odom. “We’re excited to see Sandra and Luis explore new ways to tell their story visually and we’re ready to be a part of their journey.”

Crespo added her thoughts on ENTV, saying that “Joining ENTV is such an honor and means that we can continue inspiring others to collect experiences and not junk with a group of other like minded nomads.  We are looking forward to sharing our adventures in a whole new way where we will be able to reach more people and help them chase their own dreams.”

EPIC Nomad TV is being developed by EPIC Nomad LLC, the parent company of Open Road Today. The new network is a content platform owned and operated by full time nomads with the goal of delivering epic stories to new audiences across the globe. The streaming service plans to release 100 episodes under 10 programs, all scheduled for release within its first year online. ENTV goes live this summer and more information can be found at