For those who don’t know, production is underway for RV Nomads – The Motion Picture about the full time RV movement in America. The feature length film in and of itself is extremely exciting and we can’t wait to bring this story to life on screens of all sizes next year.

This first-of-its-kind cinematic adventure is deserving of a very special world premiere event. Sure, we could rent out a big theatre in a major city for this event, but that wouldn’t stand out in the way we believe the film itself will. It needs an event that fits the overall epic scale of the narrative behind the movie itself.

We’ve been working hard on the film project, of course, but we’ve also been putting in countless hours to piece together a premiere like no other. And we’re very close to rolling out the full plans for the event… scheduled for October of 2018.

The event will be called NOMADFEST 2018. It will be host to the following events all wrapped into one mega rally.

  • Rally/Convergence With Live Concerts, a Huge BBQ and Other Live Entertainment
  • A Full Day Film Festival Focusing on RVer Created Vlog/YouTube Content, Short Films and Episodic Content (Yes, YOU can submit content to be screened at the NOMADFEST Film Festival)
  • An RVer Content Creator Awards Ceremony With More Than $5,000 In Prizes And Gear Given Out
  • A Chance for RV Vloggers & YouTubers to Submit Pilot Episodes To Producers at RV Nomads TV for Syndication Consideration
  • The RV Nomads Movie World Premiere
  • A Full Day Content Creator Conference – Panels, Courses and Keynotes On Content Creation, Marketing and Related Topics (Covering everything from videography, audio and lighting, editing, web development and digital marketing)

NOMADFEST is partnering with Escapees/Xscapers to make this event happen in an EPIC way and we can’t wait to share full details!

Mark your calendars for October 18-22, 2018 and plan to be in the Texas Panhandle area if you would like to attend. We’re very close to fully securing our event venue and fairgrounds for the event. Once we’ve got all the details locked down we’ll open up reservations for RV space and ticketing for the full event.

The event will be VERY affordable but space will be limited to 150 RV’s and 350 attendees. You’ll want to make sure you hear about it first when tickets go on sale.

Click here or the button below to ensure you get updates, alerts and registration invites first when it’s time to send them out. We’ll see you in Texas in October of 2018!