UPDATE: There is a GoFundMe set up to help with Caro’s medical expenses. Click here to support the fund now.

“When we heard about the movie we were like this is totally us!”

Those were the opening words in an email our production team received from Sean O’Connor back on August 11, 2017. O’Connor and Caro Cruz are known by many as the “Road Warriors,” a pair of full time RVers who run a very popular YouTube channel documenting their nomadic journey.

2 days ago we began our work day with a cup of coffee and the viewing of their latest video. It has become a routine for us to kick off the day watching the latest RVer uploads in our YouTube subscription feed. And there is no doubt Road Warriors were one of the channels we looked forward to the most.

Yesterday, however, this all took a horribly tragic turn for the worst. Sean and Caro were driving their Vespa in Clay County North Carolina when Sean’s life was taken from him and Caro was sent to the hospital in critical condition. They were on their way to Hayesville and Sean went to make a right turn. Sean slowed the Vespa to a near stop for the turn, yet the driver of a 2016 GMC van behind him didn’t.

A local report suggests Sean was ejected onto a shoulder while Caro and the moped were knocked nearly 300 feet away from the point of impact.

Sean was pronounced dead at the scene.

There is a heavy silence here at the studio today. We’re all very stunned by this news. Today was the day we were going to follow up with Sean to tell him we could work his and Caro’s story into the movie. A follow up that can now never come.

We can’t even begin to imagine what it was like for Caro to learn of Sean’s passing. Our understanding is that Caro is now in stable condition and has been informed of the outcome. This has to be devastating for her on a level that words cannot describe.

Sean and Caro are RV Nomads who worked hard to share their adventures with us all. They spent countless hours each week working to entertain, inform and inspire their viewers. They often fell on hard times but always kept a good attitude about it and enjoyed life no matter what hurdles came their way.

Sean’s drive to be positive and strive to enjoy life was a constant inspiration to us. As we all know, RV life is not always easy. But what makes it work is the way we approach life, the way we view every minute we have on this earth.

The following video brought tears to our eyes. Sean’s words here are now so much more relevant.

The open road is beautiful for those of us who live on it. It provides for exploration, personal growth and a life of adventure. We must always be vigilant, however, because life is indeed short and we never know what dangers might be around any corner.

Enjoy every minute you have. Hug your friends and family. Don’t let a single breath go to waste.

To Caro and both families… our thoughts and prayers are absolutely with you. A great American RV Nomad was taken from us yesterday and the world was a better place with him in it.

Rest in peace, Sean. We miss you already.