Let The Streaming Begin

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There are certainly many challenges involved in the process of developing a custom built sophisticated content delivery network. You know what components you’re going to have to have in place. You know what each of these components must accomplish. But the unknown variable is creating synergies between them all so they play well together in a single user front-end environment.

In our case we need a system that can deliver high definition media files with lightning fast speeds while hosting it all in the same user profiles that allows for user social networking and access to all other components of the platform. It requires an extremely robust hosting environment, some extraordinary database manipulation and an incredible amount of code to fuel such a platform.

Thanks to advancements in third party and open source software the capabilities of our platform are nothing short of amazing. The following components will be available here on the EPIC Nomad TV platform.

  • A fully functional custom built social network with user profiles, instant messaging, media sharing, user news feeds, user blogs and mich more
  • A custom built content delivery system that will empower your device to stream unlimited amounts of content in our library
  • A fully featured digital bi-monthly magazine
  • Training courses covering topics such as digital nomadism, RVing, life on the road, cooking from small spaces and more
  • Fully featured user blog/web hosting

Of course, the key component for us here is the streaming service and the content it delivers. This is the single most important function of our platform and we’re taking it very seriously. We pledge to work tirelessly to ensure all content consumed here is consumed in a user-friendly, error free manner. It’s our mission to elevate the story but to also do so in a way that makes the process of consuming it second nature for everyone involved.

We look forward to bringing you a wide range of programs, shows and films as we begin rolling out EPIC Nomad TV later this year.

Many more updates to come!

-Eric Odom
President of Programming, ENTV