For those who aren’t aware, Nomadic Life Films is indeed producing a feature-length motion picture about RV life. We’re currently working on the story arc and over all narrative, details of which will be released very soon. One component of the film project that is complete now, however, is casting.

And we’ve got an incredible cast. A cast that will soon tell an epic story of adventure, exploration, joy, tears, hardship and exhilaration.

We’re thrilled to be at the cutting edge of story telling on this front. We’re honored to be positioned to create this movie and share it with the world.

A big part of the honor has been integration into what is easily one of the most authentic, well-grounded groups of Americans we’ve ever known.

The RV community.

A couple weeks back we published a story about nomadic life being a cure for a sick society. We got a lot of very positive feedback in social media. It seems a lot of nomads feel the same way, and as a result see nomadic RV life as a path to peace that a vast majority of society is desperately in need of.


You see, society has for decades been fed divisive propaganda, overwhelmed with consumer marketing for products and services we don’t really need and can’t afford, and when it all sickens us… we turn to synthetic drugs that numb us to the reality of what is happening around us. Leaving us broke, unhappy and disconcertingly discontent.

Generally speaking, society can no longer take care of itself. We can’t grow our own food (or even cook for that matter for a lot of people), we can’t tend to our own basic illnesses and wounds, we can’t make basic repairs to our vehicles and dwellings and we can’t properly process basic decision making thoughts.

We’re distracted. Distracted by political divisions and unnecessary partisanship. Distracted by elitists in Hollywood telling us who to care about and what clothes to buy. Distracted by an entertainment industry that poisons our minds with mindless narratives. Distracted by electronic devices that direct our attention to meaningless applications over the people and surroundings that actually matter. That actually have impact on who we are, what we are and how productive we can be.

For society in general we’re like rats in a maze. We want to get out, but the maze has been designed in a method that in large part prohibits such liberty. Our minds are consumed with nonsense and it robs us of our ability to be free. To think freely. To roam freely. To live intentionally.

The RV community, however, has figured this out. Through an independent nomadic way of living, the RV community is where the true American spirit, the original spirit of self sustained pioneering, is alive and well.

RV life isn’t easy. Break down on a back road in the mountains with no cell coverage? You’ve got to figure it out. There isn’t an app for that. Roof start leaking during a thunderstorm? Better devise a way to get it under control and fast.

Need power while out in the hills? Better stock up on fuel or install solar power. Need water? Better turn the shower off while you scrub with soap.

Breaks overheat coming down a pass? Government or your neighbors aren’t going to immediately help you out of that pickle.

Hungry but have no fast food joints nearby? Better fire up the grill and cook dinner.

And on and on it goes. RVers choose the lifestyle, and as a result of that choice must figure life out on their own. Through sheer grit it can be done. It is being done.

In a society that in large part can’t do it.

Additionally, for RVers the politics and news cycles of our world are a lot less relevant. Of course, things like health insurance, highway regulations, fuel prices, domicile, taxes and vehicle registration are all very much a part of the RV life. All things that are in some way or another connected to the political realm.

But beyond that… does the cesspool of Washington rally matter during the normal daily routine? Nope.

How many RV park campfire meet-ups do you think are dominated by discussions of the latest iPhone game or Brad Pitt marriage? Not many. If any at all.

The RV community is in much part focused on life itself. Technology, electronics, politics, sports, movies, etc., are all just variables in the grand algorithm. They aren’t the primary engine of life. Life itself is the primary engine of life.

RV Nomads isn’t a film about recreational vehicles. Sure, that’s an important part of the puzzle. But the movie is about something much deeper. It’s about independent, self sustained unplugging from the matrix of a pre-determined modern day path to the alleged “American Dream.”

It’s about living intentionally. Not living as a by-product of a corporate world that needs us living poorly, sick and in debt to work for them.

In our view, RV life is one of the rare worlds in which the true American spirit is not only alive and well, it’s thriving in an epic way.

And as mentioned above, it’s an honor to be a part of this story. It’s exciting to be telling it in a big way as we prepare to share it with the world.

We’re ready.

-The RV Nomads Crew

We’ll leave you with a video by Drivin’ and Vibin‘ featuring their own track “Among the Giants.”