A Social Network For Nomads

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At the heart of our platform is and will always be the stories. The compelling and powerful stories of nomads as they traverse their way through life on their own terms. On paths they created, then dictated. The platform is designed to fuel the streaming of content in forward thinking ways. Ways that are user-friendly, straight to the point and efficient in terms of bandwidth consumption.

Once that part is accomplished the question then becomes… how will we all interact and engage with this content? We’ve already seen questions about the platform on this front. Some ask if it will be like YouTube in that it’s a platform for the sharing of user created content in a social environment. Others wonder if it will be closer to Netflix in that we deliver the content but provide no way for you to approve or disapprove of it. or comment on, share, engage with or interact with it once it’s released.

We prefer a hybrid of the two. No, our platform will not initially be one where anyone can upload content. We’re focused on created premium, high quality content that we have a close hand in through every step of the production process. But yes, the content published here will be highly interactive.

This because every subscriber will have a fully functional social profile. A profile that can be customized with personal headers, avatars and bio info. A profile that has status updates and news feeds. One that can be used to comment on, vote on and interact with content. Users will also be able to join groups, create their own and friend others across the platform.

Essentially our platform will come stocked with most of the features we all use and love when using Facebook. No, we aren’t trying to build our own social network to compete with any others out there. But we do intend to create an environment here where users are a part of the family, so to speak. A part of the conversation about the nomadic lifestyle as we begin to tell these epic stories through film.

It’s an exciting project and we look forward to seeing it all unfold for you to use as you head out on your own journey.

More to come!