Yep… we’re making a movie about full time RVing! But before we get to the movie details you need to know some of the back story. It’s an important stage to set and since this is the first post here on the new website I want to be sure it’s all set up right.

Let’s start with the quote that inspired all of this.

“If You Don’t Build Your Dreams, Someone Will Hire You To Build Theirs.”

I don’t know where this quote came from but the second it came across my feed it became ingrained in my soul. It provided for a profound moment that changed the way I viewed life. More specifically, the way I viewed what I do for a living, how I do it and what it produces in terms of how I live.

I know many people who have done incredible things for their employer/s. They’ve moved mountains, they’ve engineered things, they’ve designed, they’ve built and they’ve contributed to our nation’s economic engine in extraordinary ways.

But like me, many of these people are for some reason not content in their daily lives. I can very much relate to this. I do work that I enjoy, but my life is mechanical in its flow. I don’t get much say in it all.  I have work projects to complete and I have to complete them in order to have the roof over my head. And because of the time I have to put into the projects the only fruit I have to show for the labor is the roof over my head. A roof that I can’t enjoy because of all the work it requires to keep there.

So what’s the point? Well, the point is a good one for those who benefit the most. Those who own what I create. Those who prosper through my creations. They have the big houses on the lake with boats tied up next to them. They get to go wherever they want, when they want and for how long they want.

And look, I believe in organic capitalism. I love the opportunity our nation affords. I love the fact that those who own what I create can live prosperous and wealthy lives. That’s freedom at work and I don’t fault them one bit.

But at what point do I change the course for myself? When do I pivot and liberate myself in a way that lets me move about freely, go where I want, own what I create and prosper from my work?

And perhaps more importantly, why have I for so long subscribed to this predetermined perception of the American Dream that dictates I must spend the vast majority of my life living by someone else’s rules, all in order to enjoy a small fraction of it at the end?

Work hard, go into extreme debt to “own” property that I don’t really own, go where I’m told and do what I’m told, on a schedule I’m told to adhere to, all so that I have all these nice things I can’t really enjoy because I work so much?

Seems strange to me that this is what most of society considers the American Dream. I thought the original American dream was to break free from the concept that someone else controls us. I thought the original view of freedom was just that… to be free.

And over the past few months I’ve realized… I’m not alone. Not at all. There are thousands of Americans now unplugging from the American Dream “Borg”. There is a movement at work right now and it’s about to explode.

The Full Time RV Movement.

Yes, I know, the idea of living full time in an RV is not new. People have done it for decades. But the stats back up the fact that there is something big happening right now. A tremendous surge in new RVers hitting the road in their home on wheels. And many, if not most, are drawing the same conclusion I did.

Now I’ve been a nomad all of my life. I backpacked Europe right after my 18th birthday. I lived overseas for an extended period of time, traveling and working in various industries that afforded me the freedom to do so. I’ve always enjoyed life on the move. But the truth is that life never gave me an income that presented solid financial security.

So I teamed up with what society believes to be a path to the American Dream. Which led me to where I am today. I make good money, but I don’t have money. I have a nice place, but I don’t get to enjoy it. I go on nice vacations, but I still have to end them after a brief time of trying to enjoy them.

Look, we only get one life. One time. One chance. Why are we supposed to slave away the majority of it so we can enjoy a small part of it at the end? Isn’t there an avenue that enables us to enjoy all of it? Be free all of it?

Turns out there is. And much to my surprise, a LOT of people are living it.

Full time RV life!

I don’t know why this never clicked with me before. Now that I’ve embraced it the concept seems so obvious. So right. So simple.

Go where I want, when I want, on the timeline I want and do what I want while there? Sign me up.

This isn’t just me. Our team here at Nomadic Life Media has embraced it. Jennifer Leigh, the main character in the film and thousands of others are living this life. Believe it or not, many thousands more are in the process of joining us.

This isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a movement.

It’s a powerful story of freedom. A tale of self-liberation. A narrative of broken chains and the unplugging of one’s self from the American Dream society has for whatever reason wrongfully dictated to itself.

And it’s a freedom anyone can attain. No matter what your background is. No matter what your income level is. No matter how afraid you might be of such a decision, if you put your mind to it and set out on a timeline of goals, you can live your life on a permanent vacation.

Open Road RV Nomads is being produced to tell this story in an epic way. We’ve teamed up with some of the most talented people we’ve ever met to make this dream a reality. And we’re just about ready to come out swinging with full details of the project.

The film will follow the lives of 15 full time RVers, some of whom you probably see on YouTube all the time. We’ll show the process they went through to become full time, the daily thrills and yes, the daily nightmares that come with full timing and much more.

The film will be both incredibly educational and highly entertaining. It will be a fun look at what the movement is all about and how Americans can pursue it on their own.

-Eric Odom
President of Programming, EPIC Nomad TV